TPI11 Intafloor Electric Thinbed Heatmat Concrete Sub-Floor

Intafloor thin-bed electric underfloor heating system consists of a robust heating wire, with integral continuous earth braid for maximum safety, stitched to a reinforced backing mesh. This facilitates ease of installation and excellent subfloor strength reinforcement. The minimal height build-up of approximately 3mm makes Intafloor an ideal solution for renovation projects, and existing floors. Intafloor is available in the two heating outputs 150w and 200w per sqm providing a comfort heating solution for most applications.

TPI11 Intafloor Electric Thinbed Heatmat Underfloor Heating System Concrete Sub-floor

Ideal for areas with restricted floor such as bathroom and en-suite UFH

Provides warm floors throughout summer without firing boiler/HIU

5mm floor make-up – ideal for renovation and refurbishment projects

Choice of insulation thicknesses 

11/150/200w/m2 outputs